About Moonsail Wine imports

Moonsails were the highest sails flown, carried only by very specialized ships. Today, Moonsail Wine Imports focuses on specialized grape varieties, vineyards, and wines, and delivering top service to our distributors in the United States.

The company began in Florida about 10 years ago, and has been selectively growing since then. Moonsail Wine Imports has a strong focus on unique grape varieties and established vines.

About Us Vision


We want to bring the wonder of discovery, exotic tastes, passion for old vines, and legacies of the Mediterranean from the Old World to the New.


We care about what we deliver to the US market. So we have focused on being selective. We start at the heart of every wine, the grape. We are selective of the story, the terroir and the legacy of every grape in the wines we import. From the variety we offer, to the sustainability of the wineries we partner with, we aim to bring the greatest legacy of the old World to the New... fine wine.


Relationship Centered

We have a team attitude, always centered on teamwork with our distributors.

We work to build strong partnerships with the wineries we represent.

Client Support: we work to offer our clients streamlin ed communication and reliable logistics.

Protecting the Earth

Environmental Protection: We exclusively partner with wineries who share this value, including support for solar energy, and minimizing carbon emmissions in their practice.

Sustainable Practices: We seek out partners that have sustainable practices including not using pesticides.

Passion: for Grapes

We seek out wines, with grapes grown in their indiginous conditions. Grapes grown in their native terroir help produce the highest quality harvests.

We deliver grape varieties that range from unusual to internationally well-known.

Old Vines: We partner with wineries that have an average vine age of 30+ years.


We are selective of the quality and taste of each wine we represent. From our innovative products to the traditional and luxury wines, we deliver only the best.

We represent wineries, vineyards, and brands that have a story to tell. We exclusively work with wineries that have ethical practices.

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