False myths about wine

Today We dismantle some false myths about wine:

  • The red wines improve with time, but the whites must be of the year.

    False. Some red wines are designed for almost immediate consumption, since their main virtue is the freshness of their fruit, while some aging white wines need bottle time to show all their complexity as our Anayón chardonnay.
  • White for fish and red for meat.

    False. There are too many types of fish and meat to generalize this way and there are many factors that we must take into account for a successful pairing, such as intensity of taste, sauces, cook time, etc.
  • The rosé wine is a minor wine.

    False. We encourage you to try our Corona de Aragón or our Monasterio de las Viñas. Accompany them with cooked vegetables, mixed rice dishes, homemade pizzas…
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