Recipe of rabbit and escargots

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Rabbit and escargots

Author María Teresa Espluga Buil


  • Rabbit
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Cognac
  • White wine
  • Almonds
  • Garlic
  • Parsley
  • Cooked escargots


  • Cut the rabbit into pieces, and fry it in a deep frying pan with oil until the pieces are golden brown, then add a small amount of cognac and continue frying.
  • Add a small amount of white wine, and when it has evaporated reduce the heat to a low level and allow the rabbit to continue cooking and absorbing flavor.
  • On another burner in a separate frying pan fry a handful of almonds, taking care to not let them burn. Remove them, and in the same oil fry some pieces of bread.
  • Remove the bread when cooked, and again using the same oil fry the rabbit liver. Remove the liver from the oil and place in a mortar with 3 or 4 cloves of garlic and 2 sprigs of parsley, the fried bread pieces and the almonds.
  • Mash and mix until thoroughly blended, then add a small amount of water to the mixture and pour over the rabbit. Leave it long enough to absorb the flavors from the mixture, and then add the escargots which have been previously cooked. Leave over a very low fire for 10 minutes, and serve


To assembly: In our village, this recipe is prepared on the last day of the harvesting of the olives in winter, and usually accompanied with “ajoaceite” (a sauce made with crushed garlic and oil, sometimes including an egg yolk), which we prepare with boiled and drained potato, crushed garlic and olive oil, and egg.
This sauce is served as an accompaniment for the rabbit and the escargots.

María Teresa Espluga Buil

María Teresa Espluga Buil

María Teresa Espluga is now retired, but her recipes which have been handed down from her grandmother and mother, are still being used in her restaurant El Candelas. She and her daughter Ana Badías, who manages the dining room, ensure that her “callos” are still regarded by many as the best in Zaragoza and that the most ancestral flavors continue to reign in the kitchen of El Candelas. María Teresa, who originates from the village of Cregenzán in Huesca, brought a little of Somontano de Barbastro to the Zaragozan neighborhood of Las Fuentes.

The recipe of rabbit and escargots as well as the Chef bio is an extract of the Golden Book of the Aragonese Cuisine first edition, an International Gourmand World Cookbook Award as the best book in Spanish in the “Local Cuisine” category.

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