The Three Drinkers

5 Reasons to try Garnacha from Spain’s Cariñena Region

Aidy and Helena have been really getting to know the Garnacha grape and its fascinating Spanish history recently. Here’s what they have discovered, with a little help from Grandes Vinos.

Your Wine Grape Guide to Cariñena aka Carignan

As part of our ongoing video series exploring the wines of Spain’s Cariñena region, we take a closer look at the Cariñena grape! Yes, it was named after the region itself…
Made in partnership with Grandes Vinos.

Why the Cariñena Wine Region Needs to be on Your Radar

The Cariñena wine region produces an incredible range of wine styles at exceptional quality levels for the price, mostly from the Garnacha and Cariñena grapes that grow on old vines. Watch on as Helena and Aidy tell you more about why this incredible wine region needs to be on your radar…

What’s so good about Old Vines?

Depending on where you are in the world, what constitutes an old vine could be anything from ten years to a hundred! Follow Aidy and Helena as they share with you what old vines bring to wine and which wines you should try…

Delicious Spanish Food and Wine Pairings

Aidy and Helena are back for the penultimate episode of their Spanish wine series and this time, with the help of Grandes Vinos, they take you through some delicious food and wine pairings!

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