Author Ricardo Gil Gil


  • 4 25 g

    Mi-cuit foie

  • Potatoes confit in ham hock oil
  • 4
    Cylinders of 2 cm. thickness
  • 200 g Wild mushrooms cream
  • 400 g Wild mushrooms confit
  • 60 g tartufata sauce

    Sauce made with confit wild mushrooms,

  • 500 cl Chicken broth thickened with 4 egg yolks
  • 300 cl Sunflower oil.
  • 1 Iberian pork ham hock
  • 2 Iberian pork ham hock
  • 75 cl Olive oil
  • Salt


  • Make a broth of vegetables and chicken with a liter of water. Once done, strain and chill, and thicken the sauce with 4 egg yolks.
  • Lightly fry the 400 g of wild mushrooms between 50-70 Cº in sunflower oil, until they have a texture between raw and cooked.
  • Lightly fry the onions without permitting them to turn golden brown and they remain crystal colored, saute the 200 g. wild mushrooms with this onion and adjust the salt, blend all together in a mixer and chill, and then transfer to a pastry sleeve.
  • Place the Iberian pork ham hock into sunflower oil and lightly fry between 50-70 Cº until the oil takes on the flavor of the ham hock, and then confit the potatoes for 12 hours at low temperature.


Place the ingredients in the form of a mille-feuille pastry, beginning with a base of potato, followed by the wild mushroom cream, and then the mi-cuit foie gras, fourth the confit of wild mushrooms and lastly pour over some tartufata sauce. Decorate around the base with the chicken cream.