Roasted Duroc pork tenderloin, fried corn milk with saffron of Jiloca and coffee

Author Javier Bueno Pérez


  • Duroc pork tenderloin.

For the corn fried milk:

  • Sweet corn
  • Corn flour
  • Whole milk
  • Cream 35 %
  • Saffron
  • salt
  • White pepper

And also:

  • Thicken pork juices
  • 40g Caramelized onion
  • beets
  • Freeze dried spinach
  • Panko Japanese style bread crumbs
  • Small sprouts for decoration


For the Duroc pork loin:

  • Cut a 7cm piece from the loin and score the meat well with tip of a knife. Season the tenderloin with salt and pepper and place in a prepared marinade of espresso coffee and honey.
  • Dry the sweet corn kernels in a dry oven without humidity for 7-8 hours at 60 Cº. Pass the corn through a very fine food mill and reserve for breading the fried milk.
  • In a very hot frying pan using olive oil, saute the remainder of the corn kernels until achieving a golden color, then run through a food processor to chop and then pass through a very fine twice.
  • Prepare the saffron infusion by toasting the saffron in the oven and adding it to the 35 ml of cream and the whole milk. Add the corn to the infusion and use this mixture to prepare the fried milk in the traditional manner. Mix together with the corn flour and cook 3-4 minutes over a moderate heat.
  • Allow the preparation to cool. Prepare the caramelized onion and permit it to dry in a non-stick pan as much as possible, to afterwards form it into the shape of a cube. Slice the fried milk into form of a cube and bread with beaten egg, panko and the corn powder.
  • Place the cut of pork tenderloin on a tray and let it drain, mark it on a grill and finish cooking in an oven. Prepare the sauce by heating the marinade of coffee and honey, add the juices from the tenderloin, reduce well, season and reserve hot until using.


To assembly: mark the tenderloin on all sides and finish cooking in the oven at 50 Cº. Mark the caramelized onion cube and reserve. Fry the fried milk and drain over paper. Place freeze dried spinach inside a metal ring, place alongside the fried milk, the onion, and the slice Duroc pork. Pour over the sauce of pork juices and coffer marinade and decorate with miniature sprouts.