Peaches, basil, and black olives

Author Roberto Aragón Barreu


  • For the basil namelaka: Milk, glucose, gelatin, white chocolate, cream and basil.
  • For the peach gelatin: 1 Kg. peach puree, 50 g. sugar and 14 gr. gelatin.
  • For the land of chocolate: Butter, sugar, almond flour, salt and cocoa powder.
  • For the peach and cardamom gel: 925 g. peach puree, 250 g. sugar and 5 g. agar-agar.


  • For the namelaka: Heat the milk and infuse with the basil, then add the gelatin. Strain the milk and gelatin mixture into the bowl containing the melted chocolate and glucose mixture.
  • For the land of chocolate: Mix all together, grate onto a baking sheet and bake at 180 Cº
  • For the peach and cardamom gel: Warm the puree, and before it reaches 35 Cº add the sugar and the agar-agar, boil, remove from the heat. Incorporate the gelatine and allow the mixture to cool. Mix with neutral or brilliant gel.
  • Assembly: In the center of a plate place the peach gelatin. Place a quenelle of black olive ice cream and a spiral of puff pastry. Accompany this with the basil namelaka and the land of chocolate.